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Capsule with rigid body in F#

This code example demonstrates how to initialize a game, set up a basic 3D scene, add a skybox, create a 3D capsule entity, set its position, and add it to the scene using the extensions provided by the toolkit. The Create3DPrimitive() method, a part of the toolkit, automatically equips the capsule entity with a rigid body and a collider. This example serves as a simple starting point for building a game with Stride, leveraging the utilities provided by the toolkit to simplify common game development tasks.


This example requires the additional NuGet package Stride.CommunityToolkit.Skyboxes. Make sure to install it before running the code.

Stride UI Example

View on GitHub.

open Stride.CommunityToolkit.Engine;
open Stride.CommunityToolkit.Skyboxes;
open Stride.CommunityToolkit.Rendering.ProceduralModels;
open Stride.Core.Mathematics;
open Stride.Engine;

let game = new Game()

let Start rootScene =
    game.AddSkybox() |> ignore
    game.AddProfiler() |> ignore

    let firstBox = game.Create3DPrimitive(PrimitiveModelType.Capsule);
    firstBox.Transform.Position <- new Vector3(0f, 2.5f, 0f)
    firstBox.Scene <- rootScene

let main argv =
    game.Run(start = Start)
  • let game = new Game() Creates a new instance of the Game class, serving as the central part of the Stride engine for managing game loop, scenes, and entities.
  • let Start rootScene = Defines a function named Start that takes a Scene object named rootScene as an argument.
  • game.SetupBase3DScene() Sets up a basic 3D scene with a default camera, lighting.
  • game.AddSkybox() Adds a skybox to the scene, providing a background image for the 3D environment.
  • game.AddProfiler() |> ignore Adds a profiler to the game and discards the unneeded return value.
  • let firstBox = game.Create3DPrimitive(PrimitiveModelType.Capsule); Creates a new 3D capsule primitive entity.
  • firstBox.Transform.Position <- new Vector3(0f, 2.5f, 0f) Sets the 3D position of the created entity.
  • firstBox.Scene <- rootScene Adds the entity to the rootScene.
  • [<EntryPoint>] Specifies that the following main function is the entry point of the application.
  • let main argv = Defines the main function, which will be the entry point for the application.
  • game.Run(start = Start) Initiates the game loop by passing the Start function as the start delegate.
  • 0 Indicates a successful program execution.