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Why Opt for Code-Only Over the Stride Editor?

There are numerous reasons to consider using the code-only approach, especially if:

  • You prefer not to install additional software on your computer (Stride installation not required).
  • You want to learn C# or game development in a straightforward, code-first manner.
  • You're aiming for a quick start in game development or C# programming.
  • You find joy and educational value in hands-on C# coding experiences, whether you're new or experienced.
  • You wish to see tangible, visual 2D/3D outputs instead of just console-based results.
  • You want to gradually ease into game programming, mastering the basics before diving into the complexities of a game editor.
  • You find typical coding environments and tools too overwhelming to navigate.
  • You'd like to prototype game elements quickly and easily.
  • You want an efficient way to grasp fundamental game development concepts and practices.
  • You're interested in evaluating the performance and features of the Stride Game Engine without the overhead of a full-fledged editor.

Have more reasons to add? Feel free to suggest them through our GitHub Issues.

Extensions and Helpers

Our extensions and helpers provide a simplified pathway for game creation, specifically designed for code-only projects within the Stride Game Engine. While they are not essential for running a game, they serve as time-saving tools to aid users, particularly those new to Stride, in quickly getting started.

These extensions rely heavily on default settings to ease your initiation into the engine. However, they are not rigid; if the default settings don't fully meet your needs, you have the option to delve into the extension's implementation and create a custom version tailored to your preferences.

Please note, although these extensions have been created with an opinionated approach to help beginners get up and running quickly, experienced users can also find value in them. They can serve as a foundation upon which you can build, modify, and extend to create more complex and customized solutions.


Some functionality you would expect and which works in the Stride Editor might not be possible yet. Please add your vote or submit another request in the GitHub Issues.