Table of Contents

🚀 Get Started

This article guides you through the initial steps to utilize the packages within the Stride Community Toolkit project.

🛠️ Prerequisites

Ensure the following are installed to build/run the project. If you're on Stride 4.2+ already, these should be pre-installed.

  1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable
    • vcredist_x64.exe (25MB)
    • Note: You might be asked to restart your PC after the installation.
  2. .NET 8 SDK x64: Download (200MB)
    • Verify installation with:
      dotnet --info
  3. IDE of your choice

📦 Adding the NuGet package

The toolkit is encapsulated in a single package named Stride.CommunityToolkit. This package embodies all the toolkit's functionalities. You can use your preferred IDE or the command line to add this package to your project.

To add the NuGet package using the command line, execute the following command:

dotnet add package Stride.CommunityToolkit --prerelease

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