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Code Only Advance Examples

This page provides a brief overview of the advance examples available for code-only projects in Stride. You can explore each example in detail. Each linked example page contains detailed code snippets and explanations.

Examples Overview

Interactive Console Application

For those who prefer a more interactive approach, we provide a console application that allows you to run these examples directly. This console app, available in the Stride.CommunityToolkit.Examples project, offers an interactive menu for selecting and running the examples.

Here's a glimpse of the interactive menu provided by the console application:

Stride Community Toolkit Examples

[1] Basic Example - Capsule with rigid body
[2] Basic Example - Capsule with rigid body in F#
[3] Basic Example - Capsule with rigid body in Visual Basic
[4] Basic Example - Give me a cube
[5] Basic Example - Stride UI - Canvas - Capsule with rigid body and Window
[6] Basic Example - Stride UI - Grid - Save and load game state
[7] Basic Example - Procedural Geometry
[8] Advance Example - Myra UI - Draggable Window, GetService()
[9] Advance Example - Image Processing
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